August 12, 2015

Media Photos

I often get interviewed about my life and journey to every country in the world. Below are some of my best photos. Feel free to use as many as you would like as long as you credit them with Photo: You can also use any of my Instagram photos.

Me on South Georgia Island in the Atlantic Ocean.


Me on the island of Socotra. One of my favourite places in the world.


Fernando de Noronha. – Another favourite.


Stunning nature in North Korea.



Crossing the border from Sierra Leone to Guinea.

Eritrea. My last country to visit.



Interviewed by Yemen Today.

Principe. A unique island in the Atlantic Ocean.


Hufangalupe, Tonga. One of the least visited countries in the world.


I met the Prime Minister in Tripoli, Libya.


Me in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.


Me on Safari in South Africa.